Heating and cooling a house is a basic need which you just can’t ignore no matter how humungous the energy bills keep getting every time. However, following some simple tips for the proper maintenance of your house and energy system can help you save up on your energy costs significantly. As Charlotte NC’s leader in heating and air, we can help you properly keep your home cool during the warmer months, and warm during the cooler months.

Here are some simple energy-saving tips that will help your home become more energy efficient:

  • Clean the filters of your furnace and air conditioners regularly to keep down their operating costs.
  • Keep the programmable thermostat lower in winters and higher in summers when going out of the house.
  • Keep a check on the annual repair and maintenance of your heating and cooling equipment in order to avoid equipment failure.
  • Don’t block heating vents using drapes, carpets or furniture if you want to regulate the flow of air properly.
  • Check all your vents for proper airflow by keeping a hand in front of them. If it is not releasing hot air, you might be losing energy due to a leakage or blockage.
  • Close out the outlets that allow heating or cooling to escape from your house or let the outside air enter in. You can use foam blocks to secure windows and other spaces between surfaces that allow the temperature flow between your house and the outside environment.
  • In winters, you should close your foundation vents or use foam blocks to ensure that water pipes and ducts are not vulnerable to cold air.
  • In order to maintain a healthier environment, make sure you allow outside air and sunlight to enter your house for ventilation and humidification.
  • Zone your house so that its cooling and heating are maintained mostly in the most used rooms of your house instead of the entire place.

With these simple and efficient tips, you can play your part well in environmental sustainability by consuming far less energy while keeping your bills within a budget-friendly limit. Need help with your heating or cooling system? Call Carolina Heating & Air, your local Charlotte NC HVAC contractor for your business and home.

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